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Yopo is a natural entheogenic medicine that helps us to live an experience of understanding love and unity, achieving a spiritual connection with the whole.

For thousands of years, South American shamans have used yopo as psychedelic snuff. Indigenous cultures have allowed me to mold their spiritual landscape. The first pieces of evidence of yopo consumption are found in Inca Cueva, Argentina. The radiocarbon analysis performed on puma bone pipes and seeds of Anadenanthera peregrina dates back to 2130 BC, which indicates that the consumption of this plant dates back to more than 4000 years ago. Likewise, on the central coast of Peru, pipes, and trays of inhalation dating from 1200 BC were discovered.


The Yopo should be used only in ritual healing and cleansing ceremonies. Beyond being a method of inner cleansing, it acts simultaneously in the physical, energetic and psychic body.


It is also a gateway to modified states of consciousness, allowing us to observe realities that would be hidden in ordinary circumstances. This situation gives us understanding to reconcile with life, with others, with nature, the universe, with ourselves and with the divine. This contribution is fundamental for a modification of the conscience that deserves special and serious consideration because it allows the experimenter to feel and rethink with respect to its limits and infinite spiritual-spiritual possibilities.


Yopo is not addictive.

It contains natural chemical compounds capable of provoking intense visions and acutely sensitizing the senses. These and other effects lead to human consciousness towards unprecedented unexplained and mysterious mental states that are both revealing and wonderful. It is a powder that does not cause addiction, rather, it expands the mind and serves as a means to obtain a mystical - personal spiritual experience.


Yopo is medicine.

The yopo serves as a psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic resource for the person to become aware of their problems in their true meaning. Inhaling Yopo, we can influence at will in the very essence of our most intimate personality, perfecting it in favor.


It's components:

The main active ingredients of the yopo are based on the DMT family (such as 5-MeO-DMT, 2,9-dimethyltripholine and DMT oxide, to name a few), but these are not the only alkaloids present in the seeds. The fruits and bark of the yopo tree also contain a series of active ingredients, such as bufotenin, catechol, dimethyltryptamine, and saponarentin.

The yopo is especially interesting, as it contains inhibitors of monoamine oxidase (MAOI) and bufotenin. But it is not clear if bufotenin is active or if it is chemically "blocked" and not available.


What to expect from a ceremony with Yopo?

There is no good or bad ceremony but badly understood. It is easy to inhale Yopo, the difficult thing is to understand what comes next. The challenge of the person is to understand the true meanings of the visions that the plants show us and to be able to use this learning in our daily life, therefore, before carrying out a session, we always recommend the experimenter, that they do not forge expectations "wonderful and magical "From other people's experiences, because this is not always the case, since each person has their own experience. There is nothing more equivocal than to wait for this or that thing of a ceremony since to keep the attention fixed on a mental hope will not leave space for what is presented at the moment of truth. Before performing an ayahuasca ceremony, the person is recommended to keep the mind free from prejudices and fears and the open heart; likewise, he must prepare himself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Yopo is called:

Doctor because it heals.

Teacher because he teaches.

Grandpa because he guides us, Gives Power, Knowledge, and Vision.

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