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We are a Mexican civil association, which organizes ceremonies with ancestral sacred medicines, to provide the opportunity for everyone to achieve physical, mental and spiritual self-healing.

Our association carries out ceremonies with ayahuasca as a master plant for healing and knowledge, we also use other ancestral sacred medicines such as Kambó, Rapé, Bufo Alvarius, Yopo, and Sananga. We celebrate self-healing ceremonies through meditation, prayer, music, and icaritos.

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Our association, like a big family, works firmly so that each person reaches to connect to the supra-consciousness, to understand their role in humanity and live a freer and fraternal life. We are in favor of the liberation of any slavery, be it mental, physical or spiritual.


Our reason for sharing medicine is based on the self-knowledge of the individual through the taking of Ayahuasca, it is what motivates us to search for spiritual improvement, transcending any human conditioning.


Our work is part of our self-healing process, to overcome our fears and awaken our inner being as a medicine woman or medicine man.


All the medicines that we apply are elaborated with love and respect, using the traditional methods of harvesting and cooking, using the highest standards of safety, hygiene, self-sustainability and 100% organic. 

Retreats and Diets

Other activities that we carry out as part of our services to support the process of self-healing, is the organization of retreats and diets in the Amazon rainforest of San Alejandro, located an hour and a half from the city of Pucallpa in Peru.


These retreats and diets are made to give the opportunity to those who have already taken ayahuasca and other sacred ancestral medicines, to obtain a deeper and more spiritual knowledge, from the place where these medicines are extracted.


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