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Some care to keep in mind for the days before and after the ceremony

We recommend that five days before the ceremony, greater care in the diet, avoiding slow-digesting foods (meats, chocolates, sausages, etc.), alcohol, and any type of drugs.


Count a diet based on the following foods: Cheese, chicken, eggs, turkey, fish, milk, nuts, peanuts, seeds, soybeans, tofu, oats, dates, chickpeas, fruits, and vegetables.


Avoid exposing yourself to strong and negative emotions.


In the three days before the ceremony, avoid all kinds of sexual practices, in order to have better preservation of personal energy.


It is the responsibility of the facilitators to take the necessary precautions such as the NO intake of Ayahuasca in cases of:


- Pregnant women with pregnancy problems


- People who are convalescing due to surgery or contagious diseases


- People with serious heart diseases


- Users with psychiatric medications




• It is forbidden to carry any type of drugs and alcoholic beverages, in this ceremony our interest is to free him from his vices and addictions.


• Do not get distracted, you will participate in a spiritual ceremony and it is welcome if you bring Seriousness, Respect, and Discipline.


• Everyone is required to present an identity document.


• Bring a sleeping bag or blanket, and 1 liter of water.


. • Women dressed discreetly in blouse without neckline and avoiding transparencies.


• Men dressed in long pants and a shirt or shirt with sleeves.


 • Clothes should preferably be white without text or with light tones.


• Bring fruits to share at the end of the ceremony.


• It is forbidden to bring sugary drinks, snacks, foods saturated in salt, oils, and fats.


• Do not bring people under 18 years old. 


• Do not bring people who will not participate in the ceremony.



Thank you for your support and understanding.

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