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Bufo Alvarius is an entheogenic natural medicine extracted from the Sonora Toad, where universal unity is experienced, it gives us an illuminating vision of oneself and existence.
Bufo Alvarius

Bufo Alvarius (whose scientific name is Incilius alvarius) is a semi-aquatic amphibian that lives in the Sonoran desert in Mexico. It is located from the southern part of the Arizona desert, the USA, and most of the Sonoran desert, in Mexico, until near Guamúchil, in Sinaloa. It also inhabits the areas surrounding the Colorado River; in the lower part of California, New Mexico, Mexico, and southern Arizona.

The bufo alvarius skin glands contain more than a dozen tryptamine compounds, including bufotenin and 5-MeO-DMT (5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine)

It is a toad of nocturnal behavior and remains underground in hibernation during most of the months of September to April. During the breeding season, which coincides with the rainy season, it becomes very active, especially at night, and hundreds of toads go to the surface of the desert. Smoked/vaporized 5-MeO-DMT has immediate and short effects, usually less than 20 minutes long, although of often unexpected and overwhelming intensity.


Bufo Alvarius is not addictive.

It contains natural chemical compounds capable of provoking intense visions and acutely sensitizing the senses. These and other effects lead human consciousness to unprecedented and unexplained and mysterious mental states that are both revealing and wonderful. It is a smoke that does not cause addiction, rather, it expands the mind and serves as a means to obtain a mystical - personal spiritual experience.

Bufo Alvarius is medicine.

Bufo Alvarius serves as a psychoanalytic and psychotherapeutic resource for the person to become aware of their problems in their true meaning. Inhaling the smoke of Bufo Alvarius, we can influence at will the very essence of our most intimate personality, expanding our consciousness our favor.


It's components:

On a scientific level we can find within this medicine 5-MEO-DMT, bufotenin and other bioamines that together produce a natural and clean experience away from more synthetic and chemical experiences such as those produced by the laboratory 5-MEO-DMT.

The 5-MEO-DMT can be found naturally in the human body, the methoxy group located in the fifth position of the indole ring allows the medicine to cross the blood-brain barrier in a matter of seconds so that the experience is quickly accessed, in this, it differs from ayahuasca whose effects last what the digestion process lasts.

What to expect from a ceremony with Bufo Alvarius?

There is no good or bad ceremony but poorly understood. It is easy to inhale the smoke of Bufo Alvarius, the difficult thing is to understand what comes next. The challenge of the person is to understand the true meanings of the visions that Bufo shows us and to be able to use this learning in our daily life, therefore, before making a session, we always recommend the experimenter, not to forge “wonderful and magical expectations ”From outside experiences, because it is not always the case, since each person has their own experience. There is nothing more equivocal than waiting for this or that thing from a ceremony, since keeping our attention fixed on a mental hope will leave no room for what is presented at the moment of truth. Before performing a Bufo Alvarius ceremony, the person is recommended to keep the mind free from prejudices and fears and the open heart; likewise, you must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Bufo Alvarius is called:

The molecule of God because it expands consciousness.

Master Sapito because he teaches the truth

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