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Snuffs are extracted from plants that release the brain from burdens and blockages

The snuff is a ground preparation of plants that has an ancient origin.
It is precisely from Acre, the place with the greatest tradition and variety of rapés in the world is where the one we use in our retreats and we sell in the store comes from.

The way to apply it is by blowing it through both nostrils through a projector that is a wooden tube in which one part goes in your nose and on the other, the facilitator blows you.

The way you blow yourself is important, do it with love, with love, to bring peace to your mind and body. Do not do it to silence the voice of the ego with violence but with the intention of settling in peace that allows you not to fight with that voice and ignore it without giving it credit so that the sweet voice of the Heart will emerge.

There are also self-projectors to apply yourself by blowing. The snuff is not sniffed because it does not make the same route in the brain or caress the pineal gland in that way, therefore it is essential to have a self-applicator for it. If phlegm arises, the ideal is to spit them out and if the snuff falls through the nose you have to pass the handkerchief only gently and without blowing your nose until ten minutes have passed and the medicine has done its cleaning job.

The snuff effect is total relaxation and stillness of thought. It does not produce visions or expands consciousness but it releases the Silence that is within you by drawing a smile of serenity on your face.

It travels throughout the body with a tingling numbing and distending the useless tensions that sometimes automatically keep our body the fruit of living in a false state of alarm constantly prepared to react to the "danger." With the snuff the body loosens all its tensions being in an optimal state to meditate, that is why this tool has become the gateway of many meditators to their inner world.

On the other hand on a physical level, it clears the entire respiratory system and is ideal in cases of sinusitis, rhinitis, congestion, etc. because among other things it cleanses the nasal cavities of all the air pollution retained in particles that accumulate.

It is also indicated in cases of headache, pain disappearing instantly. Therefore it is indicated to apply it after long days of mental work to clear the mind.

It balances the masculine and feminine side reaching the person a state of internal harmony that connects him with his sweetest and lightest feeling, so it is ideal to reflect and even continue working before an excess of mental or emotional load.

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