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The School of Facilitators is an opportunity that we offer to all those who have received the spiritual call, to learn how to work with the Ancient Sacred Medicines
Ayahuasca Facilitator

This learning work consists of a 21-day spiritual initiation diet in the Amazon rainforest of San Alejandro, where you will learn to work mainly with the grandmother Ayahuasca, through an intense process of detoxification with ayahuasca, medicinal plants, plants of power, Kambó and Yopo, to extract from the body the chemicals, energies and toxic thoughts that do not allow you to progress, giving you the opportunity to learn clearly the teachings that the Sacred Ancestral Medicines want to communicate to us through the expansion of the conscience and the spiritual knowledge of the universe. Obtaining in this way the basic wisdom to understand the benefits that people who take Ayahuasca will receive for the first time and guide them in their process of holistic self-healing.


It is important to understand that this diet is not recommended for all people, especially for those who just want to learn to facilitate Ayahuasca with the intention of generating great economic gains, diet is a very intense spiritual process that not everyone can conclude or understand in within 21 days, the Sacred Ancestral Medicines reveal our true selves which can be a traumatic experience for people with a lot of ego or complex spiritual problems. The true intention of serving with love, the humility to learn with respect and the determination to work with all the spirit, is not something that we are all prepared to achieve in this life, the call reaches you when you are ready to work with responsibility, respect and lots of love.


If you have not experimented with Ayahuasca or other Sacred Ancestral Medicines, we recommend that you attend a minimum 7-day retreat first so that you can honestly evaluate if this is your destination, the path that facilitators, medicine men, and shamans must travel. to be able to learn to work with Ayahuasca is very difficult and sometimes dangerous. That is why we recommend that you investigate more on the subject, that you take Ayahuasca with honest, responsible people and wait for the call of the great spirit to come to you, if the call has already arrived, from this moment we are already working on spiritual harmony, Aho!

Diet 21 days = Price $ 1,600 US Dollars
(School of Facilitators)

4 Ceremonies of Ayahuasca, 3 Application of Kambó, 1 Application of Medicinal Plants of Detoxification, 10 Applications of Plants of Power, 1 Ceremony of Yopo, 1 Ceremony of Snuff, 1 Tobacco Ceremony, 2 Spiritual Floral Baths, Training to Facilitate Ayahuasca, Ayahuasca Cooking Course, Course for Planting Ancient Sacred Medicines, Teaching Icarito, Visionary Art (Optional) and Meditation. Includes: 20 Nights of Stay at the Medicine House "Casa Medicina San Alejandro", Food, Jungle Tour and Transportation from the Pucallpa Airport to the Medicine House (arrival and departure)

For more information about the School of Facilitators contact us by Whatsapp +52(686) 324 7768 

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